• Thomas George

    Thomas George

    Do you know me? Do I know you? Really knowing someone doesn't mean anything. People change. A person may like pineapple today and something else tomorrow.

  • Filza Chaudhry

    Filza Chaudhry

    Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary, Humanitarian, Editor of Heart Revolution. We are ONE collective, ONE humanity, ONE love💗 https://medium.com/heart-revolution

  • RoHil BoRole

    RoHil BoRole

    Visual Designer

  • Diane Lee

    Diane Lee

    Australian freelancer taking the scenic route through life. I write mainly about our relationships with each other: good, bad and ugly. Occasional poet. Virgo.

  • Good Advice Publishing

    Good Advice Publishing

    What do you want to know more about today? Follow our latest at https://medium.com/good-advice-publishing

  • Chris


  • Akash Shastri

    Akash Shastri

    I love anything that makes me think. Check out my github here: https://github.com/akash-shastri. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in

  • Maulika Gupta

    Maulika Gupta

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