• RoHil BoRole

    RoHil BoRole

    Visual Designer

  • Diane Lee

    Diane Lee

    Australian writer recently returned from 4 years living in Vietnam. Editor of Vox Virtus and Abroadingly. Blogs at dianelee.com.au and travellinghomebody.com.

  • Good Advice Publishing

    Good Advice Publishing

    What do you want to know more about today? Follow our latest at https://medium.com/good-advice-publishing

  • Akash Shastri

    Akash Shastri

    I love anything that makes me think. Check out my github here: https://github.com/akash-shastri. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in

  • Maulika Gupta

    Maulika Gupta

  • Lorenzo Colnaghi

    Lorenzo Colnaghi

    Copywriter Creativo, prima consulente Digital Marketing. Trovo idee, scrivo meme e ogni tanto una pubblicità. Sbircia il mio portfolio: lorenzocolnaghi.com

  • David Wyld

    David Wyld

    David Wyld (dwyld@selu.edu) is a Professor of Strategic Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is a noted business consultant and writer.

  • Victoria Susann

    Victoria Susann

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